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Great Plains Emerging Arts Project-Non-Profit Partner of the Great Plains Art & Music Festival
Artists Performing

Great Plains Emerging Arts Project


Welcome to the Great Plains Emerging Arts Project, the proud non-profit partner of the Great Plains Art & Music Festival. Our primary mission is to support and enrich the arts community in Lawrence, KS, and beyond. 


**Our Current Focus:**

Reimbursing Performers: At this time, our primary focus is to provide financial support to the talented artists performing at the festival. Your generous donations will ensure these performers are compensated for their invaluable contributions to our vibrant cultural event.

Building an Amphitheatre: We are also spearheading a movement to construct an amphitheatre at Sesquicentennial Point Park, the festival's home. This venue will serve as a permanent space for large-scale arts events, addressing the need for ample parking and accessibility that downtown Lawrence currently cannot provide.


The Great Plains Art & Music Festival is more than just an event; it’s a celebration of regional talent. Scheduled for Saturday, September 28, 2024, this festival brings together artists, vendors, and food trucks, creating a unique marketplace that fosters community interaction and support for the arts.


**Why We Need Your Support:**

Enhancing Production Quality: Donations will help improve stage lights and sound, ensuring each artist’s performance shines.

Artist Reimbursement: Your contributions will help us fairly compensate the artists, honoring their talent and dedication.

Community Accessibility:  By keeping the festival free for the first part of the day, we ensure that people of all financial backgrounds can enjoy the festivities, creating an inclusive environment for all.


**Our Vision for the Future:**

Beyond the festival, we are committed to enhancing our local arts infrastructure. Our goal is to raise funds for constructing an amphitheatre in Sesquicentennial Point Park or potentially subsidizing a portable, transforming stage for the City of Lawrence. This initiative will provide a versatile and accessible venue, fostering a thriving performing arts culture in our community.


**Join Us in Making a Difference:**

Your donations, no matter the size, will directly contribute to the success and sustainability of the Great Plains Art & Music Festival. By supporting this festival, you’re investing in the future of our organization and the arts scene in our region. Together, we can create a lasting impact, showcasing the immense talent and creativity within our community.


Thank you for your support. We look forward to celebrating with you at the Great Plains Art & Music Festival and building a vibrant arts legacy for Lawrence.



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