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1. We will triple boost your personalized ad post on social media, significantly enhancing

your reach to the surrounding area. Your business will be showcased across our

festival's social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Nextdoor, TikTok and

Threads. With strategic amplification using the Meta Business Suite to target the local

community, your ad is sure to reach Lawrence, KS. plus the 25 miles surrounding it.

2. Recognition and appreciation mentions on stage during peak crowd moments at the


3. Your logo will be prominently featured in the Platinum Plaza section of our website, and you'll have the opportunity to display your banner inside the festival areas, ensuring visibility.

4. Free Vendor booth space at the festival.

5. Additionally, you'll receive 14 regular festival tickets and 8 VIP tickets. VIP access

grants exclusive entry to the VIP area, complete with access to the VIP tent for

shade, and complimentary folding chairs for comfortable seating, eliminating the

need to carry your own chair around the festival grounds.

6. Your business will be mentioned in our radio appearances and featured in press

releases distributed to local newspapers, further increasing your exposure and

recognition within the community AND SEE MORE BELOW:


At $1500: We will make you a second ad that is also boosted twice using the

Meta Business Suite that mentions specific services you are trying to get

out to the community, enhancing your brand visibility and engagement.


At $1500 and up enjoy as many tickets as you need to the paid portion of the festival, along with

10 VIP tickets, providing exclusive access to the VIP area with

reserved seating and folding chairs. 


Musical Maestro

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