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Great Plains Emerging Arts Project-Non-Profit Partner of the Great Plains Art & Music Festival
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Welcome to the Great Plains Emerging Arts Project, the proud non-profit partner of the Great Plains Art & Music Festival. Our primary mission is to provide financial support to the free half of the festival, ensuring everyone can attend and enjoy free music by up-and-coming performers who have generously agreed to play for free. Additionally, we are dedicated to helping fund the construction of an amphitheater at Sesquicentennial Point Park, the festival's home.


**Our Current Focus:**


Our main goal is to support the free half of the festival, which offers free parking and showcases emerging talent through free performances. Your donations ensure that this portion of the event remains accessible to all members of the community, regardless of financial means.


We have carefully curated donation categories that align with specific needs of the festival:


1. **$5**: Helps cover small expenses like purchasing supplies for signage or printing flyers.

2. **$10**: Contributes towards renting essential equipment like microphones or speakers for performances.

3. **$20**: Assists in renting lighting equipment to create a vibrant atmosphere for the festival.

4. **$50**: Contributes towards the cost of snow fencing and barricades, crucial for crowd control and the safe organization of the event.

5. **$100**: Helps cover the rental fees for dumpsters for waste management during the event.

6. **$200**: Contributes towards renting light towers to illuminate the festival grounds and enhance safety during nighttime activities.

7. **$275**: Helps cover the cost of our non-profit's 501(c)(3) status application.

8. **$300**: Assists in covering insurance costs to protect the festival against unforeseen incidents or liabilities.

9. **$500**: Contributes towards the rental of golf carts for transportation of performers, staff, and equipment, ensuring smooth operations throughout the event.

10. **$750**: Supports the costs of paying for the VIP tent, providing an exclusive experience for special guests and donors.

11. **$1,000**: Helps cover the expenses for hiring a security team to ensure the safety and well-being of all festival attendees.

12. **$1,500**: Supports the rental cost of portable toilets (Porta Potties) to ensure attendee comfort and sanitation.

13. **$2,000**: Assists in covering the costs of website development and fundraising software, essential for promoting the festival and managing donations effectively.

14. **$3,000**: Supports the printing of posters and sponsorship kits, vital for marketing and securing partnerships that are key to the festival's success.


**The Great Plains Art & Music Festival:**


Scheduled for Saturday, September 28, 2024, the festival is a celebration of regional talent. It brings together artists, vendors, and food trucks, creating a unique marketplace that fosters community interaction and support for the arts.


**Why We Need Your Support:**


- **Supporting Free Festival Access:** Donations ensure that the free half of the festival remains accessible to all members of the community, providing free parking and showcasing emerging talent.

- **Construction of the Amphitheater:** Your contributions help fund the construction of an amphitheater at Sesquicentennial Point Park, providing a permanent venue for arts events with free parking and enhanced accessibility.


**Our Vision for the Future:**


Beyond the festival, we aim to establish a permanent venue for arts events in our community. The construction of the amphitheater will provide a versatile space for cultural activities, fostering a thriving arts culture in Lawrence.


**Join Us in Making a Difference:**


Your donations directly contribute to the success and sustainability of the Great Plains Art & Music Festival and the construction of the amphitheater. By supporting our cause, you're investing in the future of accessible arts events in our region, ensuring that everyone can participate and enjoy the vibrant cultural scene.


Thank you for your support. We look forward to celebrating with you at the Great Plains Art & Music Festival and contributing to the lasting legacy of arts accessibility in Lawrence.

Pictures of Proposed  Amphitheater Location 


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