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Music Festival Lineup

We are in the process of finalizing the lineup for 2024. To give you an idea of our offerings, here's the lineup from last year.

Introducing the 2nd Annual Great Plains Art & Music Festival Lineup Page! Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 30, 2023, as we gather against the mesmerizing panorama of Sesquicentennial Point, an elevated gem within Lawrence, Kansas. Positioned atop the hill, this City of Lawrence Park oversees the tranquil expanse of Clinton Lake and its enchanting valleys. The festival unfolds on this elevated vantage, offering you a day filled with entrancing entertainment set against this stunning backdrop. Immerse yourself in the immersive world of the art and food marketplace, where an array of artist booths awaits, accompanied by delectable food trucks and a display of exquisite handmade craftsmanship. Without further ado, allow us to unveil the much-awaited lineup:


Dive into the electrifying rhythms of Son Venezuela, a remarkable fusion of musical talents from Lawrence and Kansas City. Seamlessly merging traditional Latin beats with a modern jam band flair, they create a sonic journey that connects the rich heritage of the past with the vibrant energy of today. They flawlessly blend traditional Latin beats with a contemporary jam band style, offering a sonic experience that bridges the past and present.


Son Venezuela's performance is a captivating journey to the heart of Latin America, where infectious rhythms, vibrant melodies, and mesmerizing traditional Latin vocals intertwine. With their unparalleled mastery of instruments and vocal prowess, they promise to deliver a spellbinding show that redefines musical perfection, leaving audiences entranced by their passionate artistry.

Additionally, Son Venezuela's exceptional contributions have earned them a nomination for the Kansas Music Hall Of Fame 2024. Show your support and cast your vote for this remarkable band that continues to elevate the musical landscape with their unparalleled talents. KSMHOF.ORG 


Get ready for the grand finale of the festival as we present The Yards, the ultimate headlining act of the night! This exceptional quartet is set to captivate you with their mesmerizing fusion of jazz, funk, and improvisation. Their performances are a seamless blend of vintage and contemporary vibes, featuring organ and guitar-based grooves reminiscent of iconic bands like The Meters and The Headhunters.


The Yards are no strangers to sharing the stage with legends. They've opened for renowned artists such as John Scofield, Toots and the Maytals, and Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, solidifying their reputation as a musical powerhouse. Their live shows are a testament to their prowess, with their exceptional improvisational skills and captivating stage presence drawing audiences into their musical world.


Prepare to be enthralled by The Yards as they close out our festival with a bang. Their fusion of jazz, funk, and improvisational brilliance is the perfect crescendo to an unforgettable night, ensuring that the music lingers in your mind long after the final note is played.

Dive into the captivating synergy of Kim & Joel and The Invisible Band at this year's highly anticipated music festival. Kim L. Murphree, renowned for her charismatic presence as the lead vocalist of the beloved Kim and the Quake, joins forces with the virtuoso Joel Davidson. Joel's remarkable skill set enables him to conjure the ambiance of an entire band through his solo performance.


With decades of combined expertise, their repertoire encompasses cherished light rock anthems, soul-stirring melodies, and timeless crowd-pleasers, crafting an unforgettable sonic journey that deeply resonates with a diverse audience. Witness their harmonious fusion and imaginative reinterpretations that infuse new vitality into beloved tracks, as Kim & Joel and The Invisible Band redefine the very essence of live musical artistry.

Prepare to embark on a psychedelic journey with Lotus Peyotus, a mind-bending rock band that pushes the boundaries of the genre. Their unique fusion of harder and psychedelic elements takes bluegrass to new dimensions, captivating audiences with their dynamic sound and mesmerizing performances. Allow yourself to be carried away by their innovative melodies and immerse yourself in their otherworldly musical experience.


Get ready for an electrifying musical journey with our festival's featured DJ, the one and only DeeJay Proof. With an incredible knack for creating an irresistible party atmosphere, he is a true master of mixing genres like Funk, Soul, Classic Hip Hop, Electro, Retro, Reggae, and more. His musical palette knows no bounds, and he embraces the challenge of constant improvement, making each set the next level up in his and our artistic expression.


At the heart of his performance lies an unwavering passion for the craft. Djing is more than entertainment; it's a means of self-expression, and DeeJay Proof pours his soul into every mix. With a reputation as the reigning scratch champion in the region, his skills are nothing short of legendary. It's an honor to showcase his talent on the main stage, offering a mesmerizing experience for all who appreciate the art of turntablism.

Get ready to be entranced by the dynamic artistry of Schwem, ATM, Blvcklight, & L$ – An acclaimed group that transcends genres, delivering performances that exude captivating and electrifying energy!Together with the rhythmic prowess of Flex The Drummer, they skillfully intertwine genres, guiding you through an enchanting odyssey encompassing rap, pop, punk, fusion, and beyond. Brace yourself for an explosion of talent and boundary-pushing acts that will ignite the stage at the upcoming art and music festival. Anticipate an unparalleled, cutting-edge experience that transcends conventional normsBE SURE TO CATCH FLEX THE DRUMERS DRUM SOLO AT THE END OF THIS ACT!

Indulge in the delightfully provocative world of Card Table Theatre as they present their sensational adult puppet theater performance, "Shitty Deal Puppet Theatre." This unique blend of puppetry, storytelling, and alluring visuals will transport you to a realm where boundaries are pushed and creativity knows no limits. Prepare to be captivated by their edgy humor, thought-provoking narratives, and skillful puppetry as they bring their provocative and daring performance to life.


Experience the pulsating rhythms and genre-defying magic of Da Noise the sensational funk/fusion/R&B ensemble that's ready to ignite our festival. Hailing from Lawrence, Kansas, this tight-knit local band has honed their musical synergy over years of collaboration. Fusing funk's infectious groove, fusion's intricate artistry, and the soulful essence of R&B, our sound is a unique tapestry that beckons audiences to the dance floor.


Recently highlighted in Kansas City's JAM Magazine, Da Noise has garnered a loyal fanbase and critical acclaim alike. Da Noise is more than performers; they are experience creators, infusing each note with undeniable energy to craft a performance that transcends genres. Elevate yourself at our festival with the intoxicating blend of funk, fusion, and R&B – Da Noise is ready to make your event an unforgettable sonic journey.

Enter the arcane domain of JonTomKnuff's performance, where the heart's shadows intertwine with the mind's expanse. His poetry, a tapestry of darkness and dawn, possesses the alchemical power to unshackle souls and unfurl the hidden petals of perception. Each syllable, a resonant note in the symphony of existence, beckons you to traverse the ethereal corridors of transcendent reflection


Upon the stage, JonTomKnuff becomes a conjurer of emotions, a weaver of dreams and truths. His presence, a constellation of emotions suspended in time, guides you on a voyage where the shores of reality meld with the tides of imagination. The eloquence of his verses acts as an incantation, an invitation to willingly voyage through the labyrinthine landscapes of the self.


Dive into the currents of his verse and let the interplay of darkness and light wash over you. JonTomKnuff's performance is an odyssey of the soul, each stanza a compass guiding you through the uncharted waters of human experience.

Experience an unparalleled fusion of culture and creativity as Alma Tapatía, an impassioned dance group, graces the stage with captivating traditional Mexican folkloric dance amid electrifying headliner performances. Hailing from Kansas City, Alma Tapatía fervently preserves and champions Mexico's cultural richness. Guided by authenticity and excellence, their performances exalt distinct regional styles and traditions that have shaped Mexican folklore over generations. Firmly rooted in tradition yet embracing a modern perspective, Grupo Folklórico Alma Tapatía guarantees a spellbinding showcase of their fervor and commitment to this entrancing art form. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable journey through the splendor and vitality of Mexican heritage, as Alma Tapatía weaves an enchanting narrative between our headlining acts.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Osezua, an extraordinary reggae artist hailing from Manchester, Jamaica. A versatile composer, producer, and performer, Osezua creates original contemporary roots reggae that resonates with a conscious message of unity and liberation. With a profound belief in his role as a conduit for Jah's uplifting energy, his music becomes a transformative force, eradicating negativity and spreading positivity.


Osezua will be gracing our stage with his presence, offering an intimate experience as he performs a couple of his short yet impactful songs. Despite the brevity, Osezua's performance promises to be a journey of profound musicality and soul-stirring messages. Drawing from the wellspring of reggae tradition while infusing modern sensibilities, his distinct sound invites listeners to embrace a shared journey toward a more harmonious world. Experience Osezua's live performance to witness his magnetic stage presence, as he channels his music's spiritual essence into a vibrant and immersive musical encounter. Join us in celebrating the reggae brilliance of Osezua, a true artist of conscious musical evolution.

Step into Cory Phillips' captivating musical realm, where his guitar mastery weaves an enchanting tapestry. His soulful, timeless voice pairs seamlessly with his acoustic guitar, creating a harmony of melody and expertise that resonates deeply. With influences from a diverse range of genres, Cory's vast musical collection promises an unforgettable journey.


At our festival, Cory Phillips channels the warmth of 70s acoustic pop and an ethereal quality evoking desert moons. His compositions, hailed as contemporary classics, brim with poetic lyricism, a testament to his devotion. While renowned for leading "Cory Phillips & the Band of Light," his festival performance will highlight his extraordinary individual artistry. Amid an intimate acoustic backdrop, his melodies shine, offering attendees a chance to experience his musical genius in its purest form—a performance that's sure to be a festival highlight.

Introducing Michael Maher, a Lawrence, Kansas-based musician with over 43 years of musical passion. His original songs range from introspective rock and roll to heartfelt acoustic melodies, often enriched with his mastery of instruments like electric lead guitar, bass, and piano. Drawing inspiration from life experiences and recovery, Michael's prolific songwriting resonates deeply. A vital presence in Lawrence's music scene, his performances offer an intimate journey through authentic storytelling set to music.

As the sun sets over the carnival grounds, the Last Carnival Acrobats emerge in captivating costumes, their presence laced with mystique. Against a backdrop of live music, they gracefully ascend into the sky, blurring the line between earth and air with their mesmerizing aerial dance. Their performances, a tapestry of courage and creativity, unfold in the fading light, leaving the audience entranced.


But their magic extends beyond the performance. Throughout the festival's prime hours, the Last Carnival Acrobats and their skilled students offer live workshops, infusing the atmosphere with scattered bursts of aerial artistry. This immersive experience bridges the gap between performer and spectator, offering a glimpse into the dedication and artistry that make their breathtaking displays possible. As day transitions to night, the memory of their aerial feats and shared moments of wonder linger, enriching the tapestry of the carnival's enchanting allure.

Introducing FrayTus, a solo performer who masterfully grooves to the rhythm of his own creation. Armed with a bass guitar and a knack for crafting funky and hypnotic beats, FrayTus takes the stage by storm. As the sun rises, he sets the perfect morning vibe, creating a musical backdrop for the breakfast crowd. With each pluck of the strings and every beat that emanates from his fingertips, he effortlessly blends his bass melodies with infectious rhythms, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind musical experience. FrayTus's innovative fusion of bass and beats sets the tone for the day, infusing the atmosphere with an energy that's both invigorating and soothing. Festival-goers can anticipate a morning filled with delicious food and even more delectable music, as FrayTus's performance weaves a magical tapestry of sound. Prepare to be entranced as FrayTus showcases his musical prowess, leaving you spellbound by his captivating performance.

MAS, short for "Most Amazing Sound," is a dynamic and captivating DJ who is set to kick off the art festival's vibrant atmosphere. Taking the stage for the festival's early morning set from 8 AM to 10 AM, MAS will curate an enchanting auditory experience that weaves seamlessly through the art marketplace. His magnetic stage presence and skillful mixing will set the tone for a day filled with creativity and inspiration.

As the sun begins to cast its warm glow over the event, MAS's beats will resonate through the air, creating an atmosphere that perfectly complements the original handmade vendors and food trucks that fill the art marketplace. With a mastery of sound that transcends genres, MAS will guide festival-goers through a sonic journey that amplifies the artistic energy of the surroundings. Get ready to be immersed in MAS's spellbinding performance, as he shapes the soundscape of the early morning, awakening both the marketplace and the creative spirit of all who attend.

But the entertainment doesn't stop there. Our lineup continues to grow, so stay tuned for more exciting announcements. Join us at the Great Plains Art I Music Festival for a day of unforgettable performances, breathtaking scenery, and an immersive celebration of art and music. Mark your calendars, gather your friends, and get ready to experience the magic of this exceptional event at the beautiful Sesquicentennial Point, Lawrence, KS. Sat. Sep 20, 2023.  

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